World ovarian cancer day 2021

The german ovarian cancer foundation arranges every year in may the world ovarian cancer day in Berlin and streams the interactive event online. This special date serves as occasion to raise awareness of the public to the still tabooed and life threatening disease that is ovarian cancer. Every year around 7400 women are affected by ovarian, tubal or peritoneum cancer in germany alone. The tumour often comes unrecognised with unspecific symptoms like stomach ache and is therefore often diagnosed at very late stages of the disease. For this reason the prognosis for patients is unsatisfactory. Ovarian cancer is in the general public, as well as in the medical field, not well known, which impacts the prognosis even more negatively, despite the recent groundbreaking advances in operational and medicamentous cancer therapy.

On Sunday, the 09th of May the world ovarian cancer day takes place again online as a live streaming event due to the current corona pandemic. Doctors, experts, self-help groups, local and regional competence centres give comprehensive information for patients, relatives and everyone interested. Next to medical presentations the program covers a wide array of different activities with an holistic approach to inspire and heal. This year, the focus is on the benefits of theatre and theatrical expression for people affected.

English Programm:

09:00 pm – 10 pm  

Prof. Dr. Jalid Sehouli & Susanne Fechner

Murat Gültekin, Esra Urkmez & Icó Todt, ENGAGE

Session 1 „Breaking news ovarian cancer –  Maintenance therapy”
Prof. Dr. Jalid Sehouli                  

Session 2 “Activities and news about German Ovarian Cancer Foundation”  
Susanne Fechner & Lisa Sintermann

Session 3 “Clinical trials project” 
Birthe Lemley & Andrea Krull

Good bye & see you soon
Prof. Dr. Jalid Sehouli & Susanne Fechner

Sign up & live stream

Please sign up without obligation for the world ovarian cancer day 2021 and get the link via email to the live stream event on 09th of May. You do not need to install any programms and the transmission is completly free. If you have any questions for our experts, please send them with your registration. A few questions will be selected to be answered live by our experts. Non-binding registration via email:

Partner and sponsors

Soon you will find here a complete virtual tour of all sponsors. We thank all involved that they make this event possible.

Press & Social Media

English press release:

Press Release eng. World Ovarian Cancer Day 2021



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on behalf of the German Ovarian Cancer Foundation
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