Foundation goals


About 7500 women a year in Germany suffer from ovarian cancer, yet this disease is completely unknown to most of those affected and their relatives. The quality of treatment has a direct influence on the prognosis of the disease, meaning both surgical and drug therapy. Inclusion in clinical studies also guarantees the quality and competence of therapists and offers patients additional innovative treatment options.

Nevertheless, the current involvement of those affected in Germany is completely unsatisfactory.

The Ovarian Cancer Foundation works to ensure that patients and their relatives as well as all those involved in the health system are better and more specifically informed about this disease.


Educating people with ovarian cancer about all treatment options and their alternatives with all their effects on their prognosis but also on their personal lives in everyday life is the indispensable basis for any therapeutic decision.

There are considerable deficits here for various reasons.

The Ovarian Cancer Foundation works to improve the education of patients and their relatives about the disease and the individual treatment steps.

Strengthening research

In recent years, treatment outcomes in ovarian cancer have been significantly improved based on studies, but long-term outcomes in women with ovarian cancer are still unsatisfactory.

The majority of women with ovarian cancer are only recognised in an advanced tumour stage and die of the disease.

Therefore, research activities in the field of ovarian cancer must be significantly intensified, both pre-clinical and clinical research projects have to be conceived.

The Ovarian Cancer Foundation works to promote innovative research projects in tumour biology, diagnostics, therapy and aftercare.