Films about ovarian cancer

The German ovarian cancer foundation is trying to inform and educate patients with all kinds of material. Especially our films are supposed to give guidance and support to those who are affected by ovarian cancer so that their quality of life will improve.

All films and documentaries to our acivities as a foundation you can find on our YouTube-channel.

Film “Silent Inheritance or Coincidence?”

Angelina Jolie herself is affected and has brought it to the public: the hereditary gene mutation BRCA, which is responsible for the fact that women are more likely to develop breast and/or ovarian cancer. The film shows how patients and their families deal with the diagnosis of ovarian cancer and a possible inheritance of the BRCA gene mutation, what a genetic test means and which new therapeutic approaches are currently available for ovarian cancer patients with a proven BRCA gene mutation.

The film can also be viewed directly on YouTube. Click here for the video: Here you can find the ➤ german Version.

Film “The Second Voice”

A documentary and educational film about disease, therapy and life with ovarian cancer. The film is published in German, ➤ Arabic, ➤ Turkish, ➤ English und als ➤ audio film version.

Length: 32 min, available as DVD

Film “Dee Mickey – My Way Against Malignant Ascites”

A documentary on therapy and life with cancer-related abdominal dropsy.
Length: 41:40 min., available as DVD