Charity ArtNight – Arts for Health

The event-series tours through germany

On Thursday, the 16th of January 2020, the Charity Art Night took place for the first time at the Berlin Charité Chapel.

In this one-of-a-kind, historic building participants created their very own artwork under guidance by renowned artists. Half of the entrance cards were gifted to cancer patients and their loved ones, as well as medical personnel.

Painting connects and heals

Five prominent cooperation partners start with this Berlin kick-off-event a nationwide initiative: ArtNight, the german ovarain cancer foundation, the european guild of artist for medicine and culture, the clinic of gynecology of the Charité and yeswecan!cer. Together they start the dialogue about the healing effects of painting and it’s aiding benefits in medical therapy.

Removal of taboos for cancer

This campaign intends to smear the lines between “ill” and “healthy” and remind us, that art and medicine often have the same goal: healing and recovery. Art therapy can aid tremendously in the treatment of cancer and other diseases, as well as better the quality of life. NGOs like yeswecanc!er fight for the removal of taboos around cancer and want to bolster people affected.

The motif in the centre of the Charity ArtNight in Berlin was created in an art competition ‘paint against ovarian cancer’ in 2019, brought to life by the german ovarian cancer foundation together with the european guild of artists for medicine and culture. Over 100 people with all kinds of backgrounds, patients, relatives, non-affected people, hobby artists as well as professionals, art students, psycho-oncologists, specialists, art therapists took part in this competition.


Within the next two years these events will travel all across germany, including Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig and Dresden.


German press release: Download Pressemitteilung 16.01.2020