The German ovarian cancer foundation is not just supporting patients by releasing information material and media work but also organizes events for patients. These give people affected by ovarian cancer the chance to get first hand information from our specialist and to get in touch with other patients to share their experiences.

Events 2017

World Ovarian Cancer Day 2017 – Singing against ovarian cancer

On May 14, 2017 – Mother’s Day – the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin was all about music and the colours turquoise-orange. “Singing against ovarian cancer” was the name of the event of the German Ovarian Cancer Foundation, which called for a joint singing march. Hundreds of participants joined the invitation, who drew attention to one of the most serious tumour diseases in women by loudly singing, drumming and making music. Among them were affected women and their families, doctors, the big choir “Now or Never”, the Children’s choir Pankow, drum groups as well as representatives of the Pro Europa initiative “Pulse of Europe”.

This year’s event of the German Ovarian Cancer Foundation was carried out to mark the World Ovarian Cancer Day, which takes place every year on May 10. Foundation founder Prof. Dr. Jalid Sehouli and co-founder opera singer Carolin Masur had the idea. “Singing can not only inspire body and soul, but really promote health. Singing is therapeutic and can also give a lot of strength and joy at a time when a healing process should be supported,” says Carolin Masur. As a renowned internationally recognized specialist in the treatment of ovarian cancer, Professor Sehouli adds: “Various studies have clearly shown that music has positive effects on disease management.”

Dilek Kolat, Berlin’s Senator for Health, Nursing and Equal Opportunities, was also present at the event on Sunday. She supported the participants during the singing march and addressed important, sensitive words to those affected before the final singing. “It was a great pleasure for me to actively support the initiative of the German Ovarian Cancer Foundation with its director, Professor Jalid Sehouli and Carolin Masur. It is important to bring the information about this rather unknown disease and thus the education of the women affected and their relatives to the public.”

When the song “Ode an die Freude” was heard as a musical finale in front of the concert hall, many guests of the Gendarmenmarkt spontaneously joined in or watched as the turquoise-orange balloons ascended into the spring sky.

Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen, Lena Meyer-Landruth, Carolin Masur and Roberto Blanco supported the 2017 event day and, along with many hobby musicians, advertised the Foundation’s work in the video message “Singing against ovarian cancer” on YouTube. TESARO Bio Germany GmbH was the sponsor of the event.  The video message with all celebrities and singers, as well as further information you will find on the YouTube channel of the German Ovarian Cancer Foundation and under

Events 2016

2016 start event of the BRCA Tour Germany “BRCA and Ovarian Cancer” – Patients’ and Experts’ Day

2016 Patient Day “Lebenssprung” (leap in life) with events and the fashion show “size hero – women against ovarian cancer”.

EVENTS 2010 – 2015

Film premiere “Silent Inheritance or Coincidence?” with panel of experts

Charity concert and fundraising gala in the great hall of the Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin

Patient evening and panel discussion on malignant ascites, moderated by rbb presenter Raiko Thal.

Joint event with the Competence Network Ovarian Cancer under the title “Lebenssprung” (leap in life) at Urania-Berlin.

Arabic Gala Evening with film premiere “The Second Voice” in Arabian Language

Film premiere of “The Second Voice” in Turkish.

Premiere event of the film “The Second Voice” at Astor Filmlounge, Berlin Kurfürstendamm, with over 200 invited guests.